Wednesday, February 11, 2009


and after putting on
her very best dress
and her princess tiara,
she set about to work.
she brought all the food and dishes
in from the kitchen,
and then lovingly set the table
for lunch,
pulling up chairs and stools,
and a stroller.

i sat and watched
the entire process
from the nearby couch
with my chin in my hand
and an adoring smile on my face.

i sat and thought about
this young spirit
and her short four years;
the dreams, ambitions,
goals and heroes
that her developing mind
is beginning to conceive.
i thought about what is innate
and what is learned;
i thought about who she looks up to;
about where her budding ideas come from;
about her romanticizing
the mundane activities
i am so often swallowed up by.
i thought of her
subconscious notion
to first dress the part of princess
and then act the part
of homemaker.
i loved the peek
into her tiny mind,
into her blooming,
and fledgling self.
i thought of who i wanted to be
at her age;
of who i have tried to become.
i thought of our similarities.
i felt like a child again.
i saw myself.
and then i etched the image
and the memory
into my own little mind.


katie elaine said...

Hi Jen. You don't know me, but I'm Amanda's sister and she showed me your blog many months ago and I have been a regular reader since then. I just love your photos and thoughts. I noticed that your photos have this lovely slight sepia tone to them and I wondered if you use a filter or anything to get that quality?

Davian said...

oh jen, how beautiful!

Susan said...

Precious...thanks for sharing.

OnGod'sErrand said...

She is indeed a princess! And so are you! I know that she looks up to you----sees your vibrant imagination and desire to create beauty wherever you are and surround yourself with loveliness and she wants to be just like her mother. Can't think of anyone better.

Amidei's said...

Some times life passes me by so quickly that I forget to ponder. That's what you teach me through your writing, your thoughts and your outlook.

It's a purity in form, a solace to the soul and a awakening of things missed.

The simple things in life often deserve the most thought.

Thanks Jen...For this gift.

Sue said...

I love this post. Simple, pure, and beautiful.

Thank you.


d/b/c/m said...

love this post!!!

di said...

i absolutely love every thought you shared...beautiful!