Monday, February 2, 2009

things to do

we aren't afraid
of a few cold days around here.
0 degrees?
and alex's dad
is calling up saying
"it's such great weather today,
why i don't i take the girls 
to the playground?"
and out the door they go.

0 degrees again today
and we had things to do.
of course it takes us
just as long to dress and undress
to go out
as it does to do our things. . .

but today's thing to do
involved going to a doll exhibit.
a family of artists
from the famous sergiev posad
put together
a collection of the work.
and i loved what i saw.

and when they invited me
to this evening's
"meet the artist"
i schemed to bundle up the kids again
drop them at great-grandma's house
and hit up the occasion,
surrounded by 60-something women
(with whom i would have 
liked to share my magic crystal),
anxious to scribble down
some notes about doll making.
and i left
with great intention
to dig out that bag of old fabric
that was recently found
at a country home
and offered to me.
now that i've got some ideas up my sleeve.


JaneH said...

Oh Jen you are the greatest. I can't wait to see what you are dreaming up.

OnGod'sErrand said...

I'll bet that soon we'll be inviting people over to "meet the artist" and see some of your creations. They will be nothing like the Cabbage Patch doll that I made for you, i know. But, I'm sure they will be treasures.

jolie fleur said...

Wow. ZERO degrees? Here we freak out and have a special "inside" day if it dips below fifty. You're my hero. I do think it is so good for kids to be out and about nearly every day. Maybe we'll have to figure out how to winterize for our California weather...

Amy Asay said...

That pic of them in their snow gear is so awesome....I feel closterphobic! So cute those girls!

mer said...

cute dolls!