Monday, February 16, 2009


a happy valentine's day
indeed it was
with a little breakfast
my mother's style,
a trip to the ballet with milla
(who eats up every minute
though claims
she does not want to learn
to dance like that)
the pleasant company of friends
at a very long dinner
at our once-favorite pushkin,
and then a big basket of goodies
at home from my
including that long-awaited
set of diptyque perfumes.

which actually marks
the very first time
i've ever asked for a perfume,
and the first time
he's ever bought me one.
i guess now we're typical, right.


Rachel said...

Jen, It was actually the first time I have asked Bryant for perfume and the first time he has bought it for me, too. What a sweet Valentine's Day. Thank you for sharing!

JaneH said...

Sounds like a great Valentines day.
Lots of love in your house.

OnGod'sErrand said...

I love the heart-shaped toast! Some traditions should be passed on from generation to generation. It's wonderful to have a day to celebrate love, isn't it?

JonathanandDesiree said...

It was a first for us too...We miss you!!