Thursday, March 12, 2009

apples & trees

and as she was quietly
working on her art project,
she suddenly turned to me.
'go to bed right there!
go to bed right there!
go to bed right there!'"
and she sternly shook her finger
with every repeat,
then said,
"i just want to go
to like our home!"

("like our home"
is what we fondly call
any sort of a trip
or overnight stay)

"we're going to our bed
for a long time,"
she says with a pouty look
smeared over her face.

yes, mims.
we certainly have gone
to our own beds
for 10 nights in a row,
and probably more.
it's been two months
since we crossed the ocean,
and it's about time
for a little change of scenery,
isn't it?

what can i say?
i guess the apple
really doesn't fall
far from the tree.


OnGod'sErrand said...

I've thought "like mother, like daughter many times." Just put her on a plane to Warsaw any time, she can sleep at our "like a home" whenever she wants.

Chrissy Johnson said...

Mine always gets bummed when I pick him up from preschool and he asks, "Where are we going today?" and I say, "Home."

He'll get all sullen, just like my husband and I, the kid is NOT a homebody.

Shannon said...

she's a doll... and what a life you lead when your kids are asking for a vacation after such a short time! I don't think mine even know what a vacation is it's been so long!

Susan said...

My daughter and my money are going to Miami for spring break--but not me, I "get" to stay home...I wish ya'll would come to my house. I would cook delectable meals for you, fluff your pillows, and take you on lazy, sandal-wearing southern excursions. Love you!

svobodnye-zemli said...

haha ochen kruto!))))

Davian said...

how amazing--we just happen to have a like a home waiting for you guys here right here in la jolla.