Tuesday, March 3, 2009


ah, sure london was swell.

but the greatest thing about my trip?

it was coming home
to these two.

all day
i've been reveling in
every moment of their company.

even when avi pees
all over the floor and thinks
it's just hilarious,
or when i pick up milla
from preschool and she has
her pockets bulging with crackers
from snack time--
i love it all.

i pack a picnic lunch
and we head straight to the park
to soak up every drop
of vitamin A--
it's a rare sunny day--
i don't care that we're 
dashing to pieces
the strict schedule
babushka was so proud to establish
in our absence.
it's my day to make up
for being starved of them
for so long.

we hang out on the bench
"i like this дядя (guy)"
about every man that walks by
(milla especially likes
the long-haired type)
feeding the pigeons
and having a little lesson
about children that are
after seeing a sweet boy
with an overgrown face.

my hands and toes
were frozen.
but the afternoon
couldn't have lasted long enough.

so good to be back.


Sue said...

I always used to physically miss my children when I was away from them...It was like an actual ache!

Now that they're grown, I'm a little more used to it.


Melissa said...

I always feel like I am a better mom and enjoy Luc so much more after a little break. Though when you write about it, it sounds beautiful and poetic. When I say it I sound neglectful and on the verge of crazy.
Glad you had a nice return

OnGod'sErrand said...

I know they missed you a ton too and they day in the park will give them lots more than vitamins.

mer said...

so adorable this post is. I love treasuring these little moments that won't last forever...sigh

Davian said...

that whole peeing on the bathroom floor thing is an interest that avi and violet have in common. ah, well.