Wednesday, March 25, 2009

a bad one

now i will tell you
that i am just loving
my new theatre friend.
i do admit
i sometimes forget
that she is such.
as last week i wracked my brain
for awhile
trying to think of whom
i could get
to use that extra ticket i had.
why yes!!
milla is always an eager
and willing candidate. . .
except she's been to one or two
that were a little scary,
so now she always asks
if this will be a
"good one"
or a "bad one"?

well, of course
i never know.
and tonight?
well, tonight
was a bad one.
some modern dance
that had scary music
and i couldn't understand
a thing, try as i did.
while milla was next to me,
"mom, what are they doing?"
"dancing, mims."
"mom, why is the boy laying there?"
"he's tired, mim."
"mom, now what is she doing?"
"i don't know, babe."
of course she watched intently,
but not without
some very large sighs,
and then some head shaking.
at that point,
i knew
this was a bad one.
and honestly,
i was glad when she finally
started crying
and we had a dang good excuse
to walk right out
after 15 minutes
of the show.
and that was that.

we made our way
through the garden,
over to the cafe in the basement
that has live piano music
and shows charlie chaplain.
we enjoyed dinner
by candlelight
and i learned
that milla got that one gene
from her dad--
that one that programs her
to watch anything
flashing on a tv
with jaw-dropping interest,
fully unaware
of the world around.
though there is one difference,
if i feed her,
she can actually 
chew and watch
at the same time
(which of course
was the only way to eat
that dinner)
(and alex,
i'm sure you could do this
if you really tried. . .)


Chrissy Johnson said...

But isn't it such a wonderful excuse to exit a questionable situation? Hello, squirmy child, comin' thru, outta the way...

Davian said...

i can't wait to take violet to these sorts of things, even if it will occasionally mean leaving a bit early. milla is so sweet!

OnGod'sErrand said...

Don't expect Alex, to ever eat and watch at the same time. I think it's a "man" thing. They can't multi-task as easily as mom's can. But, we love them anyway.