Thursday, March 26, 2009

flea market

now i admit
i had high hopes
for the denver flea market.
i'm not real sure
what they were founded on,
but it had probably been
20 years
since i'd been.
and not that i didn't
end up enjoying
a day spent with my parents
on that summer day,
but let's just say
there was not much there
of interest
aside from a couple
of fresh fruit stands.

to what moscow calls
a flea market.
i went in
without high hopes.
and was pleasantly surprised
by rows of antique vendors,
vintage clothing,
antique toys

talented artisans,
and costume jewelry.

it's a good thing
it only comes around
once or twice a year
and that it's size is manageable.

and also a good thing
my alarm
to go pick up milla
went off
just when i found
a little nook of old tin boxes.
another admission:
i have a box fetish.

i gently fondled
each one
with admiration
and was glad to hear
they cost more than i was
willing to spend.
i mean,
i did just come back from
london's portobello road
with 3 or 4. . .


katie said...

oh i love flea markets! when i lived in austria, my roommate and i would go almost every week. always so many interesting things.

Davian said...

my fingers are twitching to handle the wares, just looking at your pictures.

Jodi said...

I would so love to have spent that day with you. That's what a flea market should be like. Not like the one in Denver with more "new product" vendors than old. Gosh it looks like it would have been glorious.