Monday, March 9, 2009

snow monday

and it seems like
it wasn't even until
this time last year
that we bought the sled.

this year it was march
when we finally dug the old thing out.
with a fresh layer of snow
on the ground,
it was the best we could do
after realizing
the library is closed today.

and when that got old,
we still had the snowman.

now the last snowman
i tried to make
was over two years ago
when we got that blizzard
in colorado
with the drifts up to the roof.
i dragged 2-year-old milla out
with high romantic hopes
of building a snowman together.
she was ready to go in
after about 5 minutes.

so today was attempt #2
with kids and snowman.
and as you can see,
it was much more successful.

but now
don't go assuming
that they had much more to do
with getting this guy built
than saying,
"mom, it's taking a long time,"
(the snow was perfect,
i rolled those big balls around
like it was my day job!)
or doing a little carving
in his side
with some sticks,
or playing on the carousel
while i was huffing and puffing
around the playground.
but they were pleased
with the result.
and ours was 3 times as big
as the other two snowmen
who were built
on the same playground
at the same time.

we were proud.
and before we said goodbye
we sang a beautiful rendition
of frosty the snowman,
just for the romance.


Sue said...

The combination of your words, your pictures, your musical selections and the visual appearance of this blog itself create a texture that I find irresistible. To say nothing of the name, which is right on.

If I were a giver of blog awards, you would be on the receiving end.

And what beautiful children you have!


OnGod'sErrand said...

Isn't spring here yet?! I'm glad you were able to create some fun out of the cold and bleak winter. I'll bet the girls will hate it when he melts away. Do you have the "Frosty" movie? Maybe you could put him on a train and take him to the North Pole :-)