Thursday, April 30, 2009

best friends

and now
i will introduce you
to a few of my
best friends
of the last few months.

of course it pales
in comparison to my beloved advil,
but since i don't
have a headache
as often as i do,
i resort to it
more often
than i wish i did.

the bowl.
ah, yes.
and the emergency plastic bags
scattered in purses and cars
which have come in handy.
this go around
i decided
no more sticking my head
in toilets
(though i have known
a restaurant or theatre
toilet or two).
the girls
well know the bowl by now.
"mom, are you spitting out?"
"mom!  i'm talking to you!"

the rubber band.

fresh, whole milk.
how did i ever
think this stuff was too thick?
i will never go back
to white water.

the cracked window.
i can never seem to get enough
on a daily basis
i can be found sticking my mouth
in this crack breathing deeply.
dirty as that air is,
it makes me feel good.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

aloo paratha

i was probably
that last of my friends
to attend one of the
indian cuisine courses.
and perhaps the biggest pull
being the lunch at the end
where you get to indulge
in the freshly made
indian fare
prepared by an indian chef.

and i didn't come away thinking
i would do much preparing
by those recipes myself.
but since i've been
dreaming about that amazing food
ever since,
i was forced to spend the time
and effort
to crank out my own
aloo paratha
rajma masaledar
aloo ki sabzi.

and it's been so delish
i fear
it will have to enter
my repertoire.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


and after
long admiring
avi's beautiful belly
i am pleased to announce
that mine
will soon surpass hers
in size.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

craft du jour

and so we may not be
moving to a bigger place
this year either.

but in the meantime
we can dream
about how
we'll decorate it.

and it turns out
i may just be asking milla
for advice
when that day comes.

Monday, April 20, 2009

spring treats

now i'm not one
to bake a lot of treats,
love them as i do.
with a husband
that doesn't help eat them,
and a hypocritical attitude
about how much sugar
the girls are eating,
i'm left to eat them
all by my lonesome.

but the spring season
(or those couple warm days
that made us thing
it was such)
some seasonal cupcakes.
and my,
did i enjoy
nearly that whole batch. . .

Friday, April 17, 2009

bremen town musicians

the time finally came.

after watching the
russian animated version
of brothers grimm's
"bremen town musicians"
at the grandparents house
several times,
learning all the songs by heart
(even avi),
some of us were ecstatic
to see the posters
go up around the city
announcing the musical
was to run for the month of april.
ever since
i was asked daily,
"mom, what time we going to
bremen town musicians?"
ever since i've been unable
to sleep at night
because that blasted tune
they sing all day
is running through my head.

we went.

it was a big surprise
and they didn't know
what we were dragging them to
until we walked into the theatre
and they saw the programs
being handed out.
oh, the excitement!
and though it was louder
than a rock concert
(we were stuffing tissues
into our ears),
it was all the songs and dances
we expected.
we were all singing along.

so now at least i don't hear
"what time we going
to bremen town musicians?"
a few times day,
but as for getting that tune
out of my head. . .

haven't been successful yet.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


i understand
there are some sort of
unwritten rules
about buying yourself flowers.

but i needed them.

Monday, April 13, 2009


and with
a nighttime visit
from mr. easter bunny,
and his modest deposit
of a few candy eggs
in a little tiny basket
(hey, they're lucky
he didn't leave some of his
carrots, instead)
and a hiding
of the plastic eggs
we had set out,
our easter morning
was under way.

we had saved
our egg dying and decorating
for that morning.
and aside from doing
my traditional rainbow egg,
i admit i spent
the whole time
with a raised pulse,
just waiting for one of those
cups of dye
to end up in somebody's lap.

and am pleased to announce,
this did not occur.

and with a few quick dips
of the eggs,
there was not a lot of creativity
brewing in the room.

the foam sticker pack
allowed for a bit,
but we pretty much
just put some names on,
and called it good.

and then went on to enjoy
a gorgeous sunny day
which i am daring to call
the beginning of a real spring,
having seen the forecast
for the week.
so i guess i can go ahead
and cancel that order
for depression meds
after all. . .

Thursday, April 9, 2009

easter craft

having a tough time
in the "religious easter crafts"
when all the ideas the 
internet has to offer are crosses
(am i mistaken in believing
all these years
that easter is a celebration
of life???)
we were struggling.

last year we made
pretty paper eggs
with a picture of christ on them.
this year the best we could do
was color and cut out
a picture of the

any brilliant
keeping christ in easter
ideas floating around?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

one more day

so tell me,

am i a
mean mother
for letting that
christmas dress
from two christmases ago
sit at the bottom
of the laundry basket
for nearly two months now?

i don't know when
it became her favorite,
but after letting her wear it
several times a week
for so many many months, 
i just couldn't
look at her in it
one more day. . .

Monday, April 6, 2009


we couldn't sit around
and wait for spring
any longer.
with milla begging to sleep
but in her own bed
and avi begging
to go swimming,
and my own tolerance
for communal living,
traffic, crowds
and polluted air waning,
it was time we escaped the city,
if only for a weekend.

horses were admired,

swings were swung,

sticks were played with,
puddles jumped in,

fresh air was breathed,

and of course,
we swam,
and we slept in beds
other than our own.

and as we enjoyed
the out of doors
milla finally began to complain
that she was freezing.

"you're frozen, mims?
what's cold?"
i asked.
"winter's cold!"
was her reply.

i promise babe,
spring can't be 
that far away now. . .

Friday, April 3, 2009


and who
can please tell me
propylene glycol
is doing in my coconut?

here i have never even
cracked open
that aluminum-free
adidas deodorant
because i saw the first
ingredient is propylene glycol.
and they're putting this stuff
in my food???
who is out there
trying to poison me?