Thursday, April 30, 2009

best friends

and now
i will introduce you
to a few of my
best friends
of the last few months.

of course it pales
in comparison to my beloved advil,
but since i don't
have a headache
as often as i do,
i resort to it
more often
than i wish i did.

the bowl.
ah, yes.
and the emergency plastic bags
scattered in purses and cars
which have come in handy.
this go around
i decided
no more sticking my head
in toilets
(though i have known
a restaurant or theatre
toilet or two).
the girls
well know the bowl by now.
"mom, are you spitting out?"
"mom!  i'm talking to you!"

the rubber band.

fresh, whole milk.
how did i ever
think this stuff was too thick?
i will never go back
to white water.

the cracked window.
i can never seem to get enough
on a daily basis
i can be found sticking my mouth
in this crack breathing deeply.
dirty as that air is,
it makes me feel good.


happyfamily said...

ooo, i feel your pain. Eyes on the prize! you can do it!

Jodi said...

Ah Jen...sorry it's been rough, but in the end...SOOOO worth it! Here's hoping this only lasts a few short weeks.

Ann said...

O, bless you. Hold on, friend, it will pass.