Friday, April 17, 2009

bremen town musicians

the time finally came.

after watching the
russian animated version
of brothers grimm's
"bremen town musicians"
at the grandparents house
several times,
learning all the songs by heart
(even avi),
some of us were ecstatic
to see the posters
go up around the city
announcing the musical
was to run for the month of april.
ever since
i was asked daily,
"mom, what time we going to
bremen town musicians?"
ever since i've been unable
to sleep at night
because that blasted tune
they sing all day
is running through my head.

we went.

it was a big surprise
and they didn't know
what we were dragging them to
until we walked into the theatre
and they saw the programs
being handed out.
oh, the excitement!
and though it was louder
than a rock concert
(we were stuffing tissues
into our ears),
it was all the songs and dances
we expected.
we were all singing along.

so now at least i don't hear
"what time we going
to bremen town musicians?"
a few times day,
but as for getting that tune
out of my head. . .

haven't been successful yet.


christine said...

how fun. the best part is seeing how excited the kids get when they discover the surprise, isn't it? that makes it all worthwhile, even those songs in your head. :)

OnGod'sErrand said...

Did Alex go? I'll bet he knows the songs by heart too.
So glad the girls got to see the production, it's always better than animation and we loved hearing them sing to us on skype.