Friday, April 3, 2009


and who
can please tell me
propylene glycol
is doing in my coconut?

here i have never even
cracked open
that aluminum-free
adidas deodorant
because i saw the first
ingredient is propylene glycol.
and they're putting this stuff
in my food???
who is out there
trying to poison me?


Lindsay Van Orden said...

Dude, it preserves the freshness. C'mon....!

Sue said...

Aw come on, what's a little propylene glycol among friends?

(It's pretty scary, isn't it?)

Melanie said...

It's the Wall Street bankers and the car industry execs...they're behind everything! :o)

OnGod'sErrand said...

What is that stuff? Does it taste good? or take out the fat and calories?

di said...

o that's crazy! i remember grocery shopping and buying 'basic 4' cereal, and running into Isabelle D. - she had a lot to tell me about the cereal i was buying...

Davian said...

no kidding. just try finding something, anything, without it!