Thursday, April 9, 2009

easter craft

having a tough time
in the "religious easter crafts"
when all the ideas the 
internet has to offer are crosses
(am i mistaken in believing
all these years
that easter is a celebration
of life???)
we were struggling.

last year we made
pretty paper eggs
with a picture of christ on them.
this year the best we could do
was color and cut out
a picture of the

any brilliant
keeping christ in easter
ideas floating around?


Chrissy Johnson said...

It can get a little frightening for the kids, can't it? I recall the recipe for resurrection buns in my in-law's church's cookbook ("bang the dough with rocks because Christ was beaten!" YIKES.) ... I think that lambs are a gentle little reminder of Him. Last year Xander & I made bunch of lamb crafts when I headed up a story time at the library, the lambs made it secular enough for public - use, too.

d/b/c/m said...

oh ya, i forgot that's what it was about. i just spent all night roaming around target trying to find basket junk. probably not the best way to prepare for the holiday...

Christine said...

Here's a site to check out...just came across it the other day

Becky Cox said...

my sister-in-law did the "beat the nuts in the bag because Christ was beaten" thing--you can see the whole deal on her blog, which is "Constant Craziness," link from my family blog on the right. Maybe you could do it in a nice way. I'm more of a coloring page type myself.

Sue said...

I absolutely recommend that you visit this blog of a woman who lost a child last year and is establishing some very special Easter traditions. What she is doing will make Easter stand out in her family's minds the same way Christmas does. You will love her ideas. Here is her blog's url:

She also had all of the children wake up to watch the sunrise on Easter morning, which I don't believe she mentioned in the post.

Susan said...

Do you have a recipe for "tomb rolls"? I make them every year. They are yeasty but kind of sweet and when you pull them open the center is hollow and we remember that the tomb was empty. My favorite Easter tradition!