Monday, April 13, 2009


and with
a nighttime visit
from mr. easter bunny,
and his modest deposit
of a few candy eggs
in a little tiny basket
(hey, they're lucky
he didn't leave some of his
carrots, instead)
and a hiding
of the plastic eggs
we had set out,
our easter morning
was under way.

we had saved
our egg dying and decorating
for that morning.
and aside from doing
my traditional rainbow egg,
i admit i spent
the whole time
with a raised pulse,
just waiting for one of those
cups of dye
to end up in somebody's lap.

and am pleased to announce,
this did not occur.

and with a few quick dips
of the eggs,
there was not a lot of creativity
brewing in the room.

the foam sticker pack
allowed for a bit,
but we pretty much
just put some names on,
and called it good.

and then went on to enjoy
a gorgeous sunny day
which i am daring to call
the beginning of a real spring,
having seen the forecast
for the week.
so i guess i can go ahead
and cancel that order
for depression meds
after all. . .

1 comment:

brooklyn said...

love that last picture.

i thought of you yesterday on our field trip to explore the russian store "samovar" which is around the corner from us. it threw us into your world--it's the real thing--nothing in english. alex, the store owner showed us around, recommended treats and we landed on a frozen cheesecake square dipped in chocolate from latvia. we passed on the borcht (sp?) though...tried that once, and it was enough.

now i want to move to russia and eat treats all day.