Wednesday, April 15, 2009


i understand
there are some sort of
unwritten rules
about buying yourself flowers.

but i needed them.


ktb said...

No rules my friend. I'm glad you got yourself some flowers.

Ann said...

Anything to get you through cold mud season, right? Hang in there.

Sue said...

We all need tulips sometimes.

JaneH said...

I know of no reason in the world why you shouldn't buy your self flowers. Who would appreciate them more. There lovely. Enjoy.

Davian said...

they are gorgeous. (i deleted my other comment because steve didn't come out sounding very good in it. :)

Chrissy Johnson said...

What rules? I do this all the time.

christine said...

i hear you. i'm hoping the snow doesn't wilt my tulips the way it did the daffodils. they're ready to open up any day now. can't wait!
those ones are beautiful.