Monday, April 20, 2009

spring treats

now i'm not one
to bake a lot of treats,
love them as i do.
with a husband
that doesn't help eat them,
and a hypocritical attitude
about how much sugar
the girls are eating,
i'm left to eat them
all by my lonesome.

but the spring season
(or those couple warm days
that made us thing
it was such)
some seasonal cupcakes.
and my,
did i enjoy
nearly that whole batch. . .


JaneH said...

They are much to pretty to eat. You could use them for table decorations.

Susan said...

Did you make the flowers on top? If so, do tell how you did it. We went to Magnolia Bakery and spent $50!!!

Ann said...

Those are gorgeous. There's nothing I love more than cake, big or small. How does Alex resist such deliciousness?!

Mindi said...

So do the chocolate covered cream cheese bites that he eats for breakfast not count as a "treat"? Those really are beautiful. I'm so impressed. HOpe you enjoyed every bite of them.

mer said...

so cute! I would eat some too if I had been there :)

OnGod'sErrand said...

How'd you do that???

Davian said...

ooooh, save some for me! you know how I love a gorgeous cupcake.