Thursday, May 28, 2009

jumper cables

now once upon a time
i felt pretty handy
with my cars.
i checked my fluids regularly,
i got my filters changed on time,
i knew exactly how much
tire pressure was in each tire,
and i could jump start them
when necessary.
i remember once
on a long and lonely journey
from seattle to denver
my little vw golf broke down.
and with my own two greasy hands
i dug under the hood,
zip tied that gear shifter
back into place,
and headed back down the road.

and after all that,
i'm embarrassed to tell you
about what happened yesterday.

in the midst of a mad morning rush
to get out the door on time,
scrambling to get
two girls into their car seats,
buckled in,
and then sitting behind the wheel
to discover a dead battery,
i was stumped.
what do i do?
visions of tow trucks,
car repair shops,
new batteries
were all flashing through my head.
i raced upstairs to tell alex
who was just on the way out
and he calmly came down,
retrieved the jumper cables
from my trunk,
and proceeded to jump start my car,
and we went on our merry way.

of course i never admitted
that jumper cables
never entered my mind.
but of course, jumper cables!

have i lost my mind?
can i blame it on the morning rush?
on the fact that i have
a husband to worry about these things?
on the fact that
i don't have to drive cars
that routinely need work anymore?
on pregnancy?



JaneH said...

Oh Jen! Been there, done that. We think that we are so independent, but, we really need our men folk.

Ap-chik said...

Glad to help. Any time

Sue said...

I'd go with pregnancy.

brooklyn said...

DEFINITELY pregnancy.