Monday, May 11, 2009


and after taking
one final deep whiff
of my swimsuit
and its nostalgic smell
of chlorine and sunblock,
i tossed it into the laundry.

and in a nutshell,
that about sums up my day.
tossing things into the laundry.
pulling other things out.
putting my house back together.
and no, it's not quite
back together yet.
thus there was no sifting
of photographs today.

but in other news:

spring sprung
in our absence.
the city is green.
the fountains are on.
the tulips are blooming.
and we are wearing shorts.

but more importantly,
milla's latest development:

 i wish you could see
the beaming proud look
on her face.
and on mine.
i wanted to kiss her silly.


Mindi said...

hope you came back with a nice tan.. so at least you can be skinny and tan! :) sounds like things are good.. way to go Milla- that's a great big accomplishment!

LKC said...

Way to go, Milla! I'm proud it's not in Cyrillic.