Tuesday, May 19, 2009

only one

and really
i can say
i have seen a fair amount
of western russia.
quite a bit more
than a lot of russians,
why have the russians
not seen more
of their own country?
because by and large,
you've seen one city,
you've seen them all.

but there is one city
in this country
(and only one)
that rivals
some of the most beautiful
and charming and magical cities
that europe has to offer.

st. petersburg.

and lucky us,
not only do we get some of
our favorite friends
for the week,
we got to spend the weekend
with them
in this enchanting place.


katie said...

wow. it is really beautiful. i love the lights reflected in the water.

Susan said...

You and Alex are such a handsome couple. I love you!

Shannon said...

Brings back such memories...
us walking though the Hermatage pretending we lived there, talking about how we would RE-DECORATE some of the rooms and all of the things we would do in them, Amanda hugging random little Babushka's and yelling YA NE PANEMAYO at them while handing out Book's of Mormon, dreaming of and talking incessently on the train ride of who we would marry... Who would have thought there you would be, roaming those same streets and riding those same trains with your husband 13 years later!

OnGod'sErrand said...

Amazing pictures! You really capture the beauty and charm of St. Petersburg. It brought back lovely memories.

brooklyn said...

ah how perfectly romantic russia is. my wanting-to-go-there is increased every time i look at your blog!

Davian said...

so gorgeous, wish we were there. oh, wait...