Wednesday, May 13, 2009

sharm el sheikh

sharm el sheikh, egypt.
travel style: with kids.
not so much carefree,
not so much tireless.
and only a rest half the time,
if that.

but nevertheless. . .
a much-needed break from the city.

notice the foliage.
of egypt's flora is found
at their hotels.
they wouldn't even give us
a stopper for the tub,
because they said baths
take too much water.
so we sacrificed baths
for the gorgeous landscaping.

by now you're noticing
milla's new favorite pose:
the "hey! i'm so surprised!" pose
which unfortunately
makes me laugh so much
it only eggs her on.

and with fairly high winds
and strong currents
any snorkeling at the hotel
was forfeited
to the "with-kids-style-travel"
submarine boat
with the glass windows.

milla had to ask
if they were tv's or windows.

and if milla has her favorite pose,
so does avi:
the stone face.

of course this face
was a little more natural:
"oh-no-i'm-going-to-die" face.
after a few terror-stricken runs
though, she couldn't be pulled off
this slide.
even learned to close her mouth
upon splashing.
(we got egyptian worms anyway)

activity #2:
the dolphin show.
and my first ever, actually.
and quite impressive.

less time
was spent on this tranquil beach
than i would have hoped.
but the big sandbox
has a hard time competing
with fast slides,
i guess.

surprised again!

avi turned out to be
the die-hard big-slide goer.
"i want more!"
come wind, come clouds, come cold.
she wanted more.

more reasons
for the no-bath rule.

and in case you still believed
the red sea
is actually red:
this one is for you.


Brittney said...

Looks like an amazing trip!

Ann said...

O, my word.... Looks like a dream vacation and your growing tummy is adorable. YOu look great!

Richard Haire said...

I LOVE the "hey! i'm so surprised!" look. I may have to steal that look going forward for all photos of me! :)

Kizzycakes said...

do you ever pinch yourself?

OnGod'sErrand said...

You should have seen my "Oh, I'm so surprised" look when I saw Alex in the turban. Soooooooo Alex!

Shannon said...

How fun! Soon WE will have to meet up for an exciting trip together! Thailand? Turkey? India? Nepal? Bangladesh? Next summer, you name it, we'll be there! E-mail me your phone number. I now have Skype and can call Russia. We need to catch up!