Friday, May 1, 2009

thin & pale

and at least
nine out of ten
of our weekly visits to her
she tells me
i look thin and pale.
you know
russian grandmothers
are not the least bit shy
about telling you
what they think.
though of course she says it
with a sympathetic
and sincere smile.

well, baba lelya,
in an effort to appease you,
i will tell you
i am starting to gain
a few pounds.

and that pale part?
well, it's going to take
a trip to the red sea
to take care of that.
so i have pulled out
the new swimsuit,
the snorkels
and the beach towels
and will report back
on my progress in a week.


Rebecca said...

You are a vacationing mad woman! Have fun!!! At least there it will feel like spring:)

greta said...

So I read this post and wondered, why would she be gaining weight, unless she was pregnant…. Low and behold I guessed right!!
this has taken me back to nyc and the first...

hope you are feeling well soon. give alex my love too.