Tuesday, June 2, 2009


housekeeping pet peeve #37

those pesky
half-deflated balloons
that nobody plays with anymore
but you just can't
get rid of
the act of doing so
makes too much noise
and causes little feet
to come running
and distraught faces to ask
what in the world
i'm doing
throwing away balloons?


JaneH said...

Been there, Done that. Love your Blogs.

Rachel said...

We have experienced the same issue over and over again...

Davian said...

not to mention, i have always thought there was something a little bit gross about a flaccid balloon. i don't know why.

Davian said...

p.s. looking at that photo again, i seem to recognize that balloon...

Yulia G-S said...

Хотя я запоздала на пару лет со своим комментарием, но все же. Разве ты не знаешь как избавиться от них тихо, мама? Наклеиваешь кусочек скотча и прокалываешь в этом месте. Можно даже ножницами прорезать, только осторожно! Главно чтобы скотч был хорошо приклеен!