Friday, June 19, 2009

arbat street

i knew that he was going
to be on arbat street.
and i knew he had an appointment
at 1:30.

but i never went
thinking about details
or coincidences
or making connections.

and when i also ended up on arbat
at 1:30
lunching with the girls
i was caught by surprise
when lindsey looked up
and said,
well, look who's here!

and i looked up to see
a handsome young man
in his business attire
with his business face on
who gave me nothing more
than a quick smile
as he sat down
to his business meeting
two tables down.

i vaguely recognized him
as the brilliant man
that gave me a ring
some 7 years ago
that i still wear on my fourth finger
and whose company i get to enjoy
in my house
not often enough.

i was left to pretend
i didn't know him
as i went on chatting with the girls
and he went on
doing what he does all day
in his smart clothes
with his computers
and his papers.

and i was also compelled
to pass him a note
as i left,
leaving him to explain
what a pregnant girl
was doing
leaving love notes
on his table,
with a face
that was no longer
all business.


D..chik said...

it's all poetry but it so nice to hear... our story goes on and I enjoy it just as much

Rebecca said...

Awwww...I love that. What a fun "chance" encounter!

Davian said...

cute story. i'm amazed your girls let him get away with it.

OnGod'sErrand said...

I love it!!! Wish you had taken a picture of his face to post. That must have been priceless.