Thursday, June 11, 2009

blue things

around these parts,
upcoming babies
are given showers
no matter where they fall
in the family,
be it first, or third.
and in our case
we especially welcomed
such kindness,
beings that blue things
don't run rampant
in our house
(except our carpet).

so grateful
for the talent
and generosity
of so many friends,
and the collection of
blue things
has officially begun.


Becky Cox said...

OOOOHHHHH!! the joy of a boy!!

Jodi said...

It's about time! Gotta even out the balance of that house a little. Gratz sweetie! Can't wait to meet that new nephew when he shows up!

Brittney said...


Melissa said...

Hooray! So I am a little biased, but I think blue will be a perfect addition to your crew.

Sue said...

As the mother of three sons, blue is my favorite color.


Shannon said...

Congrats my dear! How fun! It will be quite a change from the girls, trust me! But boys are tons of fun too! But yes, the guns and swords will appear, even if you refuse to buy them... sticks, wooden spoons, candles, straws, forks, they all are transformed into weapons at a suprisingly early age; even fingers! So we finally just gave in!