Friday, June 26, 2009

ed emberley

i picked it up
at one of those
used book sales
on the streets of new york.
there was a lot of sifting to do,
but stumbling upon
ed emberley's thumbprint book
was a find.
visions of my own childhood
flashed through my mind--
with that red ink pad,
stacks of paper with thumbprint
animals, clowns, trains, etc.
and red thumbs
that lasted for days.

the book has been stashed
for years
since i bought it;
but just got pulled out
and put to use
for the first time.
mama's big fat thumb
was the thumbprint of choice,
but the real artwork
isn't really in the thumb work,
is it?


OnGod'sErrand said...

I love the way he can make any of us feel like we're talented artists. So simple! It's genius.

christine said...

we have the same book! not sure where we picked it up, but it also gets pulled out from time to time. cute!

Davian said...

what a great idea--i was obviously deprived as a child, since i have never heard of such a thing