Tuesday, June 16, 2009

evolution of a princess

mm-mmm.  off to a bad start already.
her head can't be lopsided.

and here those cheeks
just didn't leave enough room
for a mouth.
wait, is she lopsided again?

aha.  just right.
except. . .
how did she get two sets of eyes?

looking better and better,
she is.
but wait,
that mouth is just not
doing it for me. . .

with a chin
and a forehead
her face is finally just right.
time for beautiful dress
and legs.

but just not quite enough room
for a body.
from scratch again.
this time
we've created her.
worthy of color.
and worthy of 10 fingers
and 10 toes.
and a tongue sticking out.
i mean,
a princess got to keep
a sense of humor!


JaneH said...

Budding Artist???

OnGod'sErrand said...

Her mom started out just that way---and look how talented she is! Keep at it, Milla. It's already as good as Van Gogh.