Wednesday, June 24, 2009


between here and there
and this and that--
strange as it seems--
but the final countdown
of our days in russia
(until january,
when we will be back!)
has begun.
and thus we have started
to go through the cupboards
quickly using up
all that expires in 2009.

the fate of those delicious pecans?
which we are still enjoying
once (or twice) daily.


Mindi said...

Yippee! Will we get to see you?!

Mindi said...

did you really have to use pastry flour?... or could i use the normal, unbleached white stuff? after looking at the recipe, I think I am going to have to try it.

Davian said...

is it okay if i'm just a little bit jealous that you will be in france without us?

Julie said...

Will any of your time be in Utah?

Shannon said...

Come back to visit and have your baby or for good? Are you MOVING back to the US?

Amy said...

that looks divine. Will you be @ your parents for the birth of the baby? When will you come? My brother is moving to longmont this summer, so when we come to visit him, I want to see you!