Tuesday, June 30, 2009

goodbye to friends

it was a love affair
that lasted nearly 5 years.

and i can't remember now
whether it was something
i intentionally caused
or if it was just a natural process
that took place.
but she fell in love
with her terry cloth burp cloths
in her first few months of life.

they have been with her through
thick and thin,
rain and shine,
happiness and sadness.
they have soothed and wiped
many a tear,
calmed many a fear,
and comforted her
at any necessary moment
for over four and a half years.
they became collectively
and affectionately known
as her "friend."

there have of course been
losses along the way--
we started out with four.
one disappeared at church in nyc;
one was left at a hotel
in dubrovnik, croatia last year. . .
but we clung to those last two.
they were not to leave the house,
except for trips--
for fear they would be left behind
somewhere, and gone forever. . .

we said goodbye forever
to the last two.

with the young one sleeping,
it was her quiet time,
and my time to busy myself
in the kitchen.
and when i couldn't figure out
just why i was smelling burning,
when there didn't seem to be anything
left on the burner
i was boiling water on . . .
my questions were quickly answered
when a hysterical little girl
ran out from my bedroom
with a cloud of smoke trailing behind her.

i entered the smoke-filled room
to find a lamp up in flames,
where two friends
had been lovingly and innocently placed.
a few minutes of panic
on my end
and hysterics on hers
ended with a wet
and charred mess.

and with that
we said a very traumatic goodbye
to our final two friends,
with hours of calming,
reassuring, and wiping tears--
this time by mama instead.
and with a generous little sister's "friend"
tucked under her chin last night
she finally fell asleep
on the 18th song
and the 16th minute
of my stroking her hair--
something i haven't enjoyed
in too long.


Carrie said...

How sad! But thankful that was the only damage done.

christine said...

how scary! poor girl.

Shannon said...

oh wow! The trauma! My kids would die if the blankies were lost, let alone went up in flames!