Monday, June 29, 2009


it was one of those things
that stops a mother's heart.

no, it wasn't a call
from the police,
a doctor asking me
to sit down to talk
a panicked cry from a sibling,
"mom, avi can't move!"

but my heart stopped
just the same
when she proudly called out to me,
"mom, i cut my hair!"

was my poor judgment
in letting her use her sister's
scissors going to come back
to haunt me for a year?
she was only a few feet from me--
it wasn't as if i walked off
and left her
alone with the scissors
for half an hour. . .
and when i looked over,
my heart resumed it's pumping
as i still recognized her
as the same girl i saw
just 5 minutes earlier.
damage was minimal.
in fact not even noticeable.

i thanked my lucky stars
she felt compelled to announce to me
her proud achievement
before disaster ensued.

and thus, her little clipping
will go into her baby book
a few years earlier
than we had planned,
as she felt it necessary
to take matters into her own hands.
but at least it won't be
accompanied by a hideous photo
"avi's handiwork"


Emma said...

That is truly a bullet dodged. I think my parents instilled the "we don't cut our own hair (our let our friends cut our hair)" rule even deeper than the "we don't talk to strangers" rule. Unfortunately, they forgot to teach the "we don't cut our friends' hair" rule.

Sue said...

My granddaughter of the beautiful, long, brown hair did a rather more thorough job last week than your Avi did.

Her mom cried.

And it has not been that fixable.


Shannon said...

Lucky you! I must say my experience with this was quite different and ended up in many tears from both me and Savanna as the discovery wasn't made until half of her hair was gone....

The Jackson Three said...

that it too funny. my mom is a hair dresser, so we have many stories of cutting our own hair growing up - it's a rite of passage for girls!

Davian said...

i love the picture. you ARE lucky that is the photo you got to take.