Tuesday, June 9, 2009

happy underwear

it was on that third morning
in a row of stripping
both wet baby
and wet bed
and throwing all stripped
straight into the laundry
that i started to wonder
if we should be
pulling out
those diapers once again.
not to mention
all that regress
over the weekend
after thinking we were really
on a roll.

but don't worry,
we're holding strong--
one week already.
"clean and dry
is happy underwear. . ."


Jodi said...

Ah good times....hope it all keeps going well, but don't freg or give up...it will happen!

Jodi said...

freg? lol.... meant fret

ktb said...

I hear ya - I haven't wet the bed in years but I sure am glad for dry underwear. :) Miss you Jen