Tuesday, June 23, 2009

katie did

this isn't my gorgeous child
nor is it
my brilliant work.
but with katie did's
the wheels in my head
are already churning.
thoughts of amy butler
and joel dewberry
my mother's sewing machine
and long, leisurely days
this fall
in anticipation
of a baby birth
in my blessed homeland
are filling my mind.
scarves. . .
i will while away the hours.


Rebecca said...

So are you coming back just for the birth or are you moving???

Christine said...

I love, LOVE Amy Butler. Amazing stuff. I still have to finish a quilt in less than 7 weeks before bambino comes...wish me luck! You are sooo going to love having a boy. They are so fun.

Davian said...

i admit my fingers have been itching to do a bit of sewing for violet, too, and seeing pictures like that just adds fuel to the fire. how do you know of this blogger? her stuff is great.