Monday, June 22, 2009


аs she sits
in the other room
playing with her
leapfrog alphabet,
with it's
"every letter makes a sound. . .
A says 'ay' and 'ah' and 'a'"
i am starting to wonder
how will i ever teach her
to read english?
we are just beginning
with our scrawling
in the dirt
on the playground.
putting letters together,
sounds, words. . .
but of course
we are starting with russian.
if there's one easy thing
about russian,
it's reading it.
what you see
is what you get.
no phonics,
no leapfrog games,
no "A is for 'ah' and 'ay' and 'a.'"

i think i'll save
teaching her to read english
for another year.
or decade.


OnGod'sErrand said...

No worries! Grandma will help.

Davian said...

you're right. russian is so much easier :)