Friday, June 5, 2009


so can anyone tell me

anything about an. . .
pee pee teepee?


Melanie said...

Those are hilarious!! I saw them in a store and laughed and laughed.
Can we take this to mean a little boy will be joining his big sisters??

Mindi said...

Ooo Mel,
You are so sharp! Thanks for translating for me. :) I was really going to tell her about one. I thought they were funny when I first saw one too... until I realized how handy one might come in.

Jack wasn't so much of a sprayer, but with Gavin, let's just say our reflexes have gotten much quicker.

The Prokhorov household could probably use to have a bit more testosterone. Congratulations!! (If Mel's translation is correct)

Julie said...

Congrats! Boys are fun (and difficult) in different ways than girls. Great to have both!

brooklyn said...


wow! that'll be a shock to the system! (i'm sure in a wonderful way...not that i would know).

mer said...

used them for the first boy but after having them fly off so many times (yes, from...pee) I ditched them for the second. Just stay prepped with a diaper for quick cover.

congrats :)

Chrissy Johnson said...

I always used an extra cloth diaper...but purchased said pee pee tee pee's for my sister when she had her own boy.