Tuesday, July 14, 2009

the cruise, part I

oh, and that cruise?
just lovely.
aside from celebrations
of my parents' mission
well accomplished
and meeting beloved family members
i see all too rarely,
i feasted on eye candy
for nine full days.

starting in venice
where we were able
to spend a few days--
and where i haven't been
since the days of film cameras. . .
i had simply forgotten
how magical a place can be.
around every corner.


christine said...

wow, amazing. thanks for posting these. someday! :)

katie said...

i love the color of these photos! they're so vibrant. On my short trip to Venice years ago, I remember being in love with the alleys and out of way places just as much.

Biggest fan said...

Great eye. You still got it

Shannon said...

oh Venice!! I love Venice... it just might be my favorite city in the world thus far! Remeber when we were there and the "boat bus geek" comment? lol As I was looking back at the pics we took a few months ago I was kicking myself for not taking more and for the lameness of the ones I did take! These photos are AMAZING!!! Would you mind if Dave used some to do a painting? I want a painting of them on my wall in China until I can get back there myself!