Friday, July 31, 2009


it did sort of startle me
to have somebody knocking on my door
just three days after we arrived.
the landlord was long gone,
and surely it wasn't a neighbor
welcoming me
with a pitcher of lemonade
and freshly baked bread.
it wasn't the best of timing,
and when i finally got downstairs
to stick my head out the door
with a towel on my head,
i just barely caught them
pulling away in their car.

but somebody so anxious
for some fresh meat
wasn't about to stay away long.
within the hour
there was another ring at the door.
and there to welcome me
to the neighborhood
with some important reading material
was my local jehovah's witnesses.
not wasting any time.
tracking me down
even in the middle of nowhere.

and while i politely thanked them
for their visit
and declined setting up another,
a pang of sympathy struck through me.
for these sincere souls
working hard to share the good news.
shoes that i've been in before,
in one form or another. . .
and shoes not easy to fill.

best of luck to them,
and props on such
impeccable efficiency.


LKC said...

And even a pamphlet in English, no less! Same thing happened when I ran into them on the street in Moscow. Talk about being prepared...

Davian said...

i made polite conversation with a couple of tjs, as we called them ont the mission, at my front door a few weeks ago for the exact same reason.