Thursday, July 23, 2009

every last drop

and now you must know
how russians view
the country home.
you have one,
and you go there
every chance you get.
it's your escape on the weekends,
and if you have children,
you live there all summer long.
i hear them.
city life is taxing,
on mind, soul, and health.
but when it came down
to logistics,
i just couldn't make the jump--
having two homes to keep up,
going back and forth,
giving alex a huge commute. . .

i heard it from everyone.
the in-laws, that is.
every reason
why staying in the city in summer
is criminal.

well, this year,
i appease everyone.
we've moved to the country.
and our mind, soul, and health
are soaking in
every last drop of it.


happyfamily said...

I've thought about this lately. Even though we live 11 blocks from the beach, it's very city, and I want a place to escape to also. Country calls to me too. When I talked to Paul about it, he said if we wanted a vacation home, why don't we just move to where we want to vacation. Good question, especially seeing as he doesn't actually have to "go" to work. Maybe in the future, although maybe if I lived in the country, I'd want an escape to the city sometime? And I would miss the ocean. I wish I could visit your place right now- looks so idyllic and European, you European you.

Shannon said...

Who does this? for real? Wow. Very cool. i want more pics! Lots and lots of pics. How did you find a cottage to stay in? Maybe I should do something like that next summer rather than going home to the US...?

brooklyn said...

just for the summer or for good? i'm so happy for you. i love love love the city, but for a couple of decades while i'm raising kids, i wouldn't do without space...

congratulations to you!

Julie said...

Wish I could come for the summer. Looks like heaven.