Friday, July 17, 2009

in this spot

it was here in this spot.
here at this time
that it was born.

that cottage in france last summer.
all had cleared out--
husband to paris for the day,
and friends to the market.
at first disappointment
at being left behind
quickly turned into bliss.
me and my girls.
a cottage and a yard to ourselves.
breakfast to enjoy
with the doors wide open.
laundry to hang
on the veranda.
flowers to pick,
insects to observe,
grass to romp in
under the shade of the century-old trees.
to a city-dweller
who is a birkenstock-wearer,
tree-hugger and hippie at heart,
it was more than a dream.
and i decided then
that it would happen again.
and not just for a morning.

tomorrow we embark.
5 weeks of cottage in france.
me and my girls,
the husband as much as possible,
a veranda,
a big lawn, weeping willows,
and a little river
with a bridge that leads
to the village.
bare feet
my watercolors
a stack of books
my camera and my journal.

but don't worry,
i'll be in touch.


Melanie said...

Jen, I am just going to have to stop reading your blog - I can't take it anymore! Bring me with you!!!!! :o)
Have a wonderful 5 weeks with your girls!

Amanda said...

Jen how does it happen, the cruise the cottage??? How does your dream become a reality??? I'm so happy for y'all. What wonderful adventures! Congrats on the boy too. I'd love to send you something for him. Please email me your info so I can, thanks.

Rebecca said...

Um, are you ever at home? Yes, I am jealous! Have a fabulous time!

Sue said...

Sounds like heaven. Have fun!

DeAnn said...

Jen--I found you! I was looking at pictures of our camping trips from 1996 and told my husband that I would really love to get in touch with you. He looked you up in the BYU alumni directory, googled your name and voila, here you are. Check me out at or email me I'd love to catch up on these past 10+ years.

greta said...

I know i should not covet, but the way you sescribe it is just so perfect how could I not! enjoy your time.

Davian said...

i still feel bad that we left you behind that day--not my idea and i missed you all that morning! but i do think that you ended up having a lovelier time than we did :)