Tuesday, July 28, 2009


it was just before midnight
that i was beginning to turn in--
one of those nights
it was just the three of us.

the rain was just starting
to get serious;
turning to thunder,
lighting up the whole
of our night's sky.
the cracking and rumbling
then woke a sleeping baby
who came wandering to my room
without saying a word,
just pointing to my bed.
i read her little mind.
swooped her up,
cradled her in my arms
took her back to her room
where the commotion
was in full force just outside
her window.
i took advantage of this time
she is no longer crib-bound
but in a full-size bed
when i can snuggle in next to her.
i held her tight
as she kept her little hands
over her ears
to keep out the thunder,
but could still feel me
singing to her song after song
until the fright
was drowned out
and the comfort lulled her
back to sleep.
by then
it was all i could do
to leave her there,
peacefully sleeping
with hands over ears,
to return to my own bed.

thank you, thunderstorm.
it was one i won't forget.


biggest fan said...

i love the light on her face and the glow you can kind of see.

the picture almost shows how angelic she looks in her sleep.

keep it up

Jodi said...

Times like these fleet by way too swiftly. I'm glad you appreciate the precious moments we have with these little ones. Thanks for sharing.

Susan said...

These are life's most important moments. So glad you realize it! Love ya'll!

OnGod'sErrand said...

Beautifully expressed!