Monday, July 13, 2009

one for me

9 presents for the girls
and one for me.

even if it was a few days early,
hey, morrissey can't plan
his tour around me. . .

i remember not so long ago
saying that surely
my children would think me
hipper than hip
for still loving morrissey.
now i know they don't even know
who he is--
they don't know the best of 
girlfriend in a coma,
some girls are bigger than others,
how soon is now?
"do you have a vacancy
for a back scrubber?"
but someday they, too,
will know one of the world's
greatest lyricists.

in the meantime,
i was elated about our change
in trip plans
which allowed our final night
to be spent
in morrissey's company
and in honor of my birthday.

it's been a happy one.


christine said...

Happy b-day, sis! I'd send you an e-card if mom & dad had Internet, but anyway . . . Sounds like Alex spoiled you again. Glad you had a good time!!

Ann said...

Happy Birthday! Isn't he phenomenal in concert? Still so big and bright on the stage. Where was it?

Mindi said...

wow... didn't know those guys were still around. brought back some memories of the days when I used to be hip. :)

happy birthday!

Susan said...

Happy, happy birthday, friend! Let's g-chat soon. You look fabulous. I love you.