Wednesday, July 22, 2009

well welcomed

and as we were driving in
to our town
for the first time
we were beginning to realize
it was a mistake
not to get dinner earlier--
as at 9pm on a sunday evening
there wasn't a prayer
of anything being open.
not a restaurant, not a store.
and we only had an empty house
to come home to.

but as we crossed the bridges
to our new place,
we began to notice quite
a lot of people
for such a small town.
and all headed the same direction.
soon the music could be heard--
a live band--
and then we saw the welcoming committee.
the whole surrounding community
had gathered for a festival.
we quickly dropped our things
at home, threw on some sweaters,
and headed back out to the crowds,
the food, the music
and the festivities.
with baguette sandwiches, fries & crepes
to remedy the empty stomach,
we played a game or two,
danced a tune or two (led by avi),
and settled in to watch
the fireworks that were
to finish off the evening
when it grew dark.
and if you know anything
about the french,
you know
they take their fireworks seriously.
we were thoroughly entertained
for a full 20 minutes
before the grande finale.

and with that,
we returned to our new home
and considered ourselves
well welcomed.


JaneH said...

What a great start to a wonderful holiday. I bet the girls loved the fireworks. I have great memories of watching fireworks from the Eiffel Tower with you.

Susan said...

What a welcome!

Julie said...

What great timing. Surely an omen of the fantastic vacation ahead.

Davian said...

hmmm, i was thinking so cal was a perfectly pleasant place to spend the summer until i saw your photo and was hit with a pang of...can't legitimately call it homesickness, but something very like it. you lucky ducks.