Thursday, August 13, 2009


with picnic basket ret to go,
destination yet unknown
we were off for an afternoon.
with maps in hand
and tomtom to guide us safely there
the road below us led back to
been there, done that,
but again--
perfectly content to return.

with a picnic spot on the river,

hundred-year-old trees
that can star in any photograph

a storybook chateau
staring down at its own reflection

and then a canoe ride
for a little romantic adventure

with its lilypads and frogs

and its tranquil green waters

and all the activity
drawing to a close
at just the right time of the evening
to catch that spectacular light
and even a rainbow
that illuminated the countryside
with warm hues
as the winding roads
led us back home.


katie armstrong said...

just incredibly beautiful and charming - words and photos. :)

DeAnn said...

It's so beautiful.