Tuesday, August 25, 2009

dordogne valley

really it was pretty true to form for us,
the way we once again decided
the night before
exactly how we would spend our last week
in this blessed country.
we had been tossing up a handful of ideas
ever since we arrived here,
this and that, that and this.
but finally in a quick moment
as we were checking maps and packing bags
it was clear where the roads would take us.
the dordogne valley.
yet another hidden treasure
france has to offer,
with its rocky cliffs, winding river,
castles on every vantage point,
and lush green forest and farmland
interspersed throughout.

and it was just yesterday
that i was finally compelled
to have the "spoiled" talk with milla.
with "fun things" and ice cream every day,
both she (and i) must realize
the dream will soon be over.
and as i tuck her into bed and remind her
how many short days are left
before returning home again,
she still gets all choked up
and i quickly have to change the subject
to steer away the tears.

i mean, i don't really believe that old adage,
"all good things must come to an end,"
of course, but still. 
these final days here
do make me wonder. . .


OnGod'sErrand said...

Don't you just hate returning to reality? But, it won't be long til you'll be vacationing in the beautiful, memorable and charming Commerce City, Colorado for 4 months...and the dream will go on...

Anonymous said...

When one door closes another opens!
Sweetpea in France