Monday, August 17, 2009


and really
he reminded me of a little boy
opening that train set on christmas morning
after months of admiring it
in the display window from the street.
he was giddy.
cute and giddy.
and maybe even a little bit nervous.
and as he put on his earmuffs
and strapped himself in
we took his picture
and then waved and waved
as he sped down the grassy runway.
his flight led him over the hilly countryside,
the quaint little towns below
with their stone houses and their churches,
the farmland and the crops,
the chateaus and the gardens,
as the sun set on the horizon.
while we waited
we swung on the swings
and took a walk along the dirt road
and gathered a bouquet of wildflowers
and pet the big "gentil" dog.
and when he flew over briefly
at his 1900 feet above us
she called to him until he was out of sight
beyond the trees:
"where you are, dad?"
"are you flying, dad?"
"hi, dad!"
"when you going to come?"
and when he did come back, safe and sound,
there were hurrahs and hugs
and jumping into laps
and lots of
"i want to go flying, too"s.

and now we are reminded of our
little boy on christmas morning
 every time we see a flying trike overhead.
"there's dada's airplane!"


brooklyn said...

wow. that's nuts (in a good way).

Shannon said...

yikes! He's brave.... how cool.