Monday, August 10, 2009

fun things

with the
attitude that seems to
dominate our planning style,
we have come to adopt
the phrase "fun things"
to describe our destination
at about any given moment.
in this way we avoid
burned-down disneylands
whenever our plan a's
don't work out--
tickets sold out,
closed for lunch,
not what we expected, etc.
and when that occurs
we can quickly and tearlessly
just move on to the next
"fun thing"
because nobody knew
what plan a fun thing was anyway.
it works.

and we were all happy to see
that the horse ranch
down the street
beautifully catered to our plan a
and offered us
two obliging and faithful ponies
to take for a walk down the river
and let our little equestrians
revel in much more
than gorky park
has ever been able to offer.


AP-chik said...

so fun
need to do it again

Lindsay Van Orden said...

the hats totally make it. love the shots - especially the sepia toned ones. and jen, how come you're not on one of those little ponies?