Thursday, August 20, 2009


and for the most part,
i had mainly one worry about this whole trip.
i mean, i have spent the last 8 years
living in the center of sprawling metropolises,
just another sardine, some 10 million in count.
i have become accustomed to the pace.
i have gotten used to running into people (literally)
everywhere i go.
to the being in such tight quarters.
to being able to find anything.
to having friends around.
to stores open all night.
to the city hum.

would i miss it?
would i go nuts?
would i shrivel up in seclusion?
would the lack of human contact
drive me to insanity?

and now, my friends,
i can tell you.
there is not much that i miss at all.
i have eaten up every moment of the seclusion.
to be the only ones at the park.
to not have seen a traffic jam in 5 weeks.
to not have to pass by 5 people
every time i enter my house.
to not hear neighbors outside
(except for that donkey).
to not have to wait in lines.

now i don't intend to become a recluse.
but i will say,
there's likely a much better chance
of my going nuts in the city
than in a place like this.


Sweetpea in France said...

It was so lovely to meet you and your family and to admire the painting propped against the wall in the dining room. How I envy those who can create art! I have never before cleaned for a family in someone else's house, so there were emotional encounters for me, but I glimpsed something of your internationality and your creativity and on a subsequent occasion saw the warmth and education you were instilling into your two girls. They are a treasure. It has been a pleasure to see and read your blog and I do hope that all goes well in life after the Loire Valley and particularly with number three. Thankyou for your visual perspective and commentary on 'Life in France' which has helped me appreciate how lucky I am. Enjoy your travels and your life, be it surrounded by activity or surrounded by stillness. Bon courage!!

Susan said...

Hooray for small town life!