Friday, August 14, 2009

the weeping willow

i'm not sure if it was one book
or every book from my childhood
that so romanticized the weeping willow tree.
but along with a bay window
i was certain that if only i could have
a weeping willow in my backyard
i would have it all.
i would hide from the rest of the world,
i would read
little house on the prarie and judy bloom
in pure seclusion and silence.
i would keep my journal there
far from nosy intruders.
i would seek refuge from pesky
brothers and sisters
and parents that "just don't understand."
it was the ideal spot
for daydreaming, peace-seeking, growing up.

and now i have a weeping willow
in my backyard.
it is just as charming as i always imagined.
it's the spot for
book reading, painting, kicking balls, and snacks.
it's our spot for together.
and hopefully that romantic weeping willow
won't just be a dream,
but at least a little memory
for them.

1 comment:

happyfamily said...

Isn't that funny? I had the same thing about weeping willows... same books too.