Wednesday, August 12, 2009


and after our dinner conversation
included a discussion about where Jesus lives,
it almost seemed fitting.

it was after they were tucked soundly
in their beds, though i knew
that the "friend" was missing.
i had hoped that maybe she would have forgotten,
because i had looked
and couldn't find him anywhere.
but when i heard that pitter-patter,
i knew she had remembered.
and then i remembered.
he was left outside under the big tree.
i promised to return soon
and set outside with a flashlight.
i got no further than a few steps
onto the veranda when i was stopped,
staring upward, stunned at the heavens above me.
how black the expanse,
how intimidating the limitlessness of them,
how bright the milky way,
like a white stripe painted across it all.
and then the meteors began--
with their long bright tails
that trailed behind them for seconds--
like i've never seen before.

and as i tore myself away to retrieve
the lost friend
among the crickets and the barking dog
and the ee-yaw of the donkey,
i wallowed in awe and then disappointment
that i had to witness the wonder alone;
that they had already gone to bed.

but as i crept back upstairs with the friend,
i found her sitting on milla's bed,
with milla fast asleep.
when i asked her what she was doing,
she said,i want to show you something,
and she led me down the hallway to my bedroom,
where the window was wide open.
and as she walked over to it,
i knew already i was not the only one
to witness the wonder.
she pointed up to the sky
with her little finger
and i crouched down beside her
to stare at them again
and to wallow in the thrill of discovery
and amazement all over again.

здорово? i asked.
and we kept on staring.


happyfamily said...

Ah, we missed it. Too cloudy. But, your description is almost as good- I can feel myself there. Thank you.

Jodi said...

I too, enjoyed the wonderment of the showers...alone and in awe. It was wonderful!

Sue said...

A lovely post. I am enjoying all of these from France.


brooklyn said...

wow. it's so amazing that you were both connected to each other and the sky and universe and beauty all at once. this is one of my favorite posts ever.

Sweetpea in France said...

THAT is one of the wonders of France ... or at least where we live ... there is no ( or little) nightsky pollution and YES one can see the MILKY WAY and on nights like tonight, when one cannot sleep for the warmth, it is a real privilege to walk outside to hear the crickets and to acknowledge that this is how it has been for aeons.