Thursday, September 10, 2009


i'm building up my arsenal.
with tickets finally purchased
and one final week left in this place,
we are starting to look forward to what is ahead.
four months in the blessed u.s. of a.

with just one small thing
between where we are now and that:
an ocean.
an ocean that must be crossed.
carrying my big belly
and my load of suitcases
and my two small children across that ocean
on my own
will be no small feat.
thus, the arsenal of entertainment
for those 19 hours in a few square feet.
yes, i've crossed this ocean many a times,
but never quite like this.
tips, ideas, prayers are welcome.


Mindi said...

Good luck!! At least you will have many helpful hands upon your arrival (and hopefully along the way). I imagine your well-traveled girls will be able to manage. It's that "few square feet" that could be the biggest challenge. I don't have much to offer, except my prayers and best wishes. I cannot WAIT to hear details of this little one's arrival. We regret not being able to meet him in person. All our love.. from across that big ocean.

sarah said...

good luck!!
for our trip to japan last month we downloaded some of the "toddler teaser" games on the iphone and it was a huge help.

Sweetpea in France said...

I very much hope that you all have a stressless crossing and that when you become a parent again, all will be well. I am sure there will be many hands to help you and the dear little ones in this and the next and the next journey. Your children are your treasures. You are blessed.
Sometimes it is the simplest of activities that entertain... games like I spy.... and alphabetical games (I'm not sure how your would do that in Russian) and colouring-in books and dot-to-dots (oh horror of horrors) and why not begin to write their stories ... their dreams ... and yours. All is about to change. Bon Courage. Keep safe!

MwH said...

Pipe cleaners. . Hours of fun and they don't take up much room :). Where are you going for the next four months? P.S. Did you know we moved? Still in Alexandria but around the corner from where we were. Loves!

Julie said...

Oh, good luck! Wish I had a great idea, but I just feel for you. One way or another, you will make it.