Friday, September 11, 2009


my very first pair of birkenstocks
were not really birkenstocks.
they went by the name of colorado,
and were bought for about $35 with my
hard-earned money at the muffin shop.
my 15-year-old self couldn't have been prouder
to wear those brown suede sandals.
especially with wool socks and shorts.
i wore them until the cork was cracked
and the rubber was worn off the soles.

my second pair was real.
i finally splurged and got a blue pair of milanos.
they went to college with me,
got scratched and blood-stained
in a rollover car accident with me,
got resoled, and served me well.

my third pair were birkenstock shoes.
they were the only thing i bought
during my few days in germany
and i think they were even a size too small--
but i wanted them so badly. . .

and after those college years
of birkenstock wearing
that phase of my life faded out.
each pair was handed on to someone else
with love and fond memories.
and my birkenstock days
were thought to be over.

until this summer.
with a callus on the ball of my foot
and added pregnancy weight
became so painful i was limping--
i quickly remembered the old days
of not even being aware
i had footwear on my feet.
alex's trip to london brought me
my fourth pair of birks
and it was a happy reunion.
moscow style may not appreciate them,
but oh, how my feet are loving me now. . .


mer said...

my first pair (and last :)) were Colorado's too!

Sue said...

I used to love my Birks, but I haven't worn them for quite a while now. You may be horrified to learn that I have replaced them with that ugliest of all shoes: Crocs.

(I think my friends and family are pretty horrified, actually.)