Wednesday, September 2, 2009

day 5

now there was a time, some years ago,
when i lived in western siberia.
now not only was it industrial siberia,
and not only was it the 90's,
it was also not what one might call,
"luxurious living quarters."
i had no washing machine.
and for 16 months, once a week,
i could be found bending over my bathtub
scrubbing my clothing by hand
in a plastic bucket and gray water,
and then artistically decorating my apartment
with lines of laundry
strung here and strung there.

it was another time and place.
but there are times when i dig those memories up
from the back of my mind
to remind myself how lucky i am
to have a washing machine.
even if it is only a small white box
tucked into the corner of my bathroom.
even if it does take 1 1/2 hours
on "quick wash" cycle.
even if the dry cycle takes another 2 1/2 hours.
and even if everything has to be ironed
when it comes out.
and even if i am going on day 5
of straight laundry cycles
after returning back home again.

at least i'm not bent over that tub.


DeAnn said...

Good perspective--and now I will appreciate my washer and dryer even more!

Sue said...

You seem to have led an interesting life for someone so young.

Thanks for sharing it so adeptly. And with such style!


Carrie said...

Ah! the memories . . .
ANYTHING beats bending over the tub and how NOT clean the clothing ended up after having washed it that way repeatedly for so long. I am glad you have the machine. I do not envy the five days -- or the ironing!